Hot new features in Universal Desktop LX/OS 4.11.100

Hello Folks,

there are some really cool new features in the new release… Get an eye on:

– Updated VMware View client to version 1.6

– Enhanced support for Wireless LAN with WPA(2) Enterprise and wired
Ethernet with IEEE 802.1x Authentication: when using authentication method
PEAP/MSCHAPV2 it is now possible to leave password and identity settings
empty in setup. The user us is prompted for the missing credentials
at boot time of the thin client.version 1.6

– Updated Linux Kernel and Drivers

– “System->Update->Firmware Update (FTP protocol)->Automatic Buddy Detection” registry key: “update.ftp.auto_buddy_detection” (Very cool… 🙂 )

– Added USB Access Control configuration to be supported with Shared Workplace User profiles

– NVidia Drivers for Universal Desktop OS, please test in advance!!!

Only a few new cool points, but i also miss a few: Updated Citrix Receiver and full Windows Server 2012/8 RemoteFX support… But the next release will come… 😉