Note: IGEL Universal Desktop OS 4.11.100


i just got an issue with the new IGEL Universal Desktop OS Firmware 4.11.100 on a none official supported 3rd party device, so i want to strongly recommend to test this in advance.

In my case the system did not boot anymore after the update to 4.11.100 (Hangs in the boot screen), so it’s very easy to reproduce; if this happens also to you: reinstall the Version 4.10.100 with the IGEL UDC installation stick and don’t roll out the firmware Universal Desktop OS 4.11.100 to your environment in this case!



P.S.: Please make sure that the UDC License is available on your UDC Memory or in your UMS Server, otherwise a new license will be fetched during the re-installation!

Update: It looks that some support for INTEL BX/DX/ZX chipsets is gone, also the Installation with the new UDC fails and the software is not able to detect any harddisk. So if you have migrated an Intel Pentium II/III or Celeron device you should serious test the new Version 4.11.100 and report any issues here to IGEL if you got the same behavior.

Update2: One other issue, Laptop Touchpad’s like the IM PS/2 Synaptics Touchpad which is used in some HP Elitebooks seams also to not work with the 4.11.100. Use the 4.10.100 Firmware if these or similar pad’s did not work anymore on your migrated Laptop’s!