Tip: Microsoft Workfolder Sync fails with error 0x80080222

Hi Folks,

i just got the issue with a tablet (Windows 8.1), i boot up the tablet and got a sync error from the Workfolder feature.  The error number was 0x80080222, after a research i did not found much information’s about this error. Typical it means that something with the licensing failed but all Servers incl. the tablet didn’t show any license issue and were still activated, also other devices still got no issues and worked without any error.

Funny… Only difference to the working devices was the fact that the workfolder file location was stored on a SD-Card (to save rare SSD space) and i remember that i remove the card a few hours before (device was off) to copy a file from it (not from the workfolder file folder…). So i tried to reproduce it and yep.. Same happens again, so it seams to be that the workfolder feature checks the filesystem and if something is wrong it denies to work anymore. 🙁 No workaround, just stop the use of workfolders and set it up again to get it working. Quite simple and don’t waste your time for troubleshooting.



P.S.: Similar can happen with regular HDD’s/SSD’s if removed from the device and attached to an other one (to take a backup or whatever). I would like to get a more detailed error description or a hint at Microsoft TechNet but i did not found any article related to the issue.