Reminder: Windows XP end of life is coming closer…

On April 8, 2014 Windows XP extended support will be end, did you already think about an replacement?

Why not using Thin Client/Zero Clients? ..or migrating the old hardware to a full supported Linux Operating System incl. Management? If your Company still uses XP, you should start to plan this in the upcoming six month to have a replacement option in place until the support ends. Please note, a migration takes mostly more then three months incl. setup, tests and to get all the required work done. So it’s maybe a good idea to start thinking about this…

Please don’t forget… Check also if all your apps are working on the new system? If you’ve custom apps running with XP, then remember: they don’t have to work with the new System by default.


P.S.: Windows ES (which is XP based) has an extended support until 8. Aug. 2019, so it’s not similar to Windows XP and you don’t have to hurry here!