Tip: Fixing Windows focus issues in ICA sessions (XenApp/Presentation Server) for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS


if you’re working with seamless apps in an Citrix Environment it can happen, that sometimes a Window drops behind an other window. For example you are working in Outlook and open a Email and the new email Window appears behind the main Outlook window. For the user it Looks like the session is freezed or similar.

There are a couple of Settings to fix this but the disadvantage: you’re required to test it by your own. Application and environments are working different and there is no general rule how this can be fixed.

Open the IGEL Setup or the UMS Profile and go to System->Registry->ICA->WFCLIENT, here try to modify the following settings:


Regarding the results from the past i would prefer starting with the Settings marked in blue. In advance you should also try to change two settings from the IGEL OS, these settings can be found also in the registry->windowmanager->wm0 and then change:

focusonmap, focushint and/or preventfocusstealing

Also here, different combinations can provide different results depending on the environment.  

See also http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX101644&searchID=25075941 that provides a bunch of Server related settings, from the list try to setup option 14 (DON’T SEND DISABLE) to 8000. This also fixed some issues for me in the past.

If everything doesn’t help, try to contact the Software Vendor for your application; a couple of applications are not able to work seamless regarding the fact that they do not handle Windows in the Microsoft way (Application developed in Delphi as examble). Try also if a “Desktop Session” will bypass the issue for the user.

As said, you need to spend some time here and i can’t guarentee that this will fix the issue at all. Please test it serious and don’t roll out a not tested configuration to a bunch of thin clients at once. 



P.S.: This can also happen for any Version of the Citrix Receiver for Windows, you can try the same settings here.