Tip: Enabling/Disabling Windows Services for IGEL Universal Desktop ES / ES W7 (Sample VMWare View USB Redirection)


sometimes IGEL do some changes to the default Firmware configuration, for this example i point to the VMWare USB redirection service which is now disabled by default. (Why is simple… Running to much different USB redirection services at the same time is a bad idea and can produce conflicts depending on the USB device, like funny blue screens.).

If you now want to enable the service thru the local IGEL Setup, this is simple to do and you can find the configuration in the Accessoires->Windows Services Tab. If you want to perform this task  thru an UMS Profile it’s sometimes more tricky, if the new firmware setting is not available in the UMS Console GUI as example.

So first upgrade your profile to the latest firmware version; select your profile and then change “Optimized for”.

Now open the profile and select System->Registry-> System->winservices, try to find the service you want to enable; in our sample “start_view_usb_redirection” and save the profile after you have enabled the service. Assign the profile to your Clients (if not already done) and after a reboot: Tatata, the service is running.

If you require more references regarding the IGEL Registry try out our Whitepaper which is available here: http://www.cloud-client.info/whitepaper/WhitepaperBasicGuidetotheIGELThinClientRegistry.pdf