Solution: The King is dead… Long life the King or Citrix XenApp strikes back

Hi Folks,

did you already noticed a small change at the Citrix Website?

XenApp is back! If you look here: it more sounds like a XenDesktop 7 derivate (if you are looking for the old IMA stuff, it’s gone forever and also XenApp 7.5 is using FMA like XenDesktop) but really intresting is the last part on the mentioned site.

Extended Web Interface support

Web Interface support is extended for XenDesktop 7.5 allowing IT to maintain their existing Web Interface investment throughout the migration to the new FlexCast management architecture. (Comment: Funny… The Lack of XenApp 7.5 in this announcement on a XenApp 7.5 related Site means for me: XenApp and XenDesktop 7.5 is nearly the same. (..or someone from the marketing forgot to rework this part of the article. 🙂 ) )

So it’s not only XenApp who is back, it’s also the Citrix Webinterface (against all other Citrix announcements from the past). Iam really intrested to see how this will finaly work but maybe the Citrix Productmanagement has notified that it’s not a good idea for larger Company’s to replace the well proved Webinterface with Storefront regarding the lack of missing features/functions (incl. using an Webinterface Server outside from an Active Directory Domain). Also for XenApp, are XenApp 6.5 features like Worker Groups back? A lot of open questions here…

I did not found much information’s regarding Licensing, Courses or possible Certifications, so there are still also some missing Information’s here (…and enough room for speculations). I hope that Citrix will clearify this soon…

Have fun