Release: IGEL Universal Desktop LX / OS Version 5.02.100

IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2
Version 5.02.100
Dec 20 2013

Dual monitor configuration for “unsupported hardware” works only if “native
driver support” works properly. It is a prerequisite to assure that the
native driver is really working, as the fallback VESA driver does not provide
any dual monitor configuration. Have a look at Application Launcher’s
About tab->Hardware-Graphics Chipset. If VESA is listed there the native
driver does not work and dual monitor configuration is not functional.
– Citrix Receiver
– Citrix HDX Realtime Media Engine 1.4.0-902
– Citrix Access Gateway Standard Plug-in
– IGEL Legacy RDP Client 1.0
– IGEL RDP Client 2.1
– FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 3.1.2
– VMware View client 2.1.0-1213173
– Quest vWorkspace Client 7.6
– Leostream Java Connect
– Ericom PowerTerm
– Ericom Webconnect
– IBM iSeriesAccess 7.1.0-1.0
– Firefox 17.0.11
– Totem Media Player 2.30.2
– Voip Client Ekiga 3.2.7
– Thinlinc Client 3.2.0
– NX Client 3.5.0-7
– Cisco VPN Client
– ThinPrint Client 7.0.58
– Xorg X11 Server 1.11.4
– Xorg Xephyr 1.7.6
– PC/SC Lite 1.8.9
– MUSCLE CCID Driver 1.4.13
– Omnikey CCID Driver 3.6.0
– Omnikey RFID Driver 2.7.2
– REINER SCT cyberJack Driver 3.99.5final.SP03
– SCM Microsystems CCID Driver 5.0.27
– Safenet / Aladdin eToken Driver 8.1.0-4
– ACS CCID Driver 1.0.5
– A.E.T SafeSign PKCS#11 Library 3.0.3665
– Gemalto .NET PKCS#11 Library 2.1.0
– SecMaker NetID PKCS#11 Library
– Philips Speech Driver 12.0.8
– Legacy Philips Speech Driver 5.0.10
– Client 0.8.3 for RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Desktops 3
– INTEL Graphics Driver 2.17.0
– ATI Graphics Driver 6.14.99_git20111219
– VIA Graphics Driver
– NVIDIA Graphics Driver 304.60
– 2X Client 10.1-1263
– Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded
Known issues:
– Fabulatech USB Redirection is not supported with IGEL RDP Client 2.
Workaround: Enable RDP legacy mode in
IGEL Setup -> Sessions -> RDP -> RDP Global -> Options page

[Quest vWorkspace]
– Multimedia Redirection:
Sound redirection is not working with WMV/WMA streams
– USB Redirection does not work reliable

[NVIDIA graphics support]
– In dual screen configurations DPMS monitor saving mode creates
display content corruptions on secondary VGA display after resume
New features:
– Updated IGEL RDP Client to version 2.1.
Added support for the following features:
– Audio and Video Multimedia Redirection
– 16bit display color depth
– EGFX support for RemoteApps
– Custom time zones
– Improved RemoteApp stability with IGEL RDP Client 2.1 client.
– Added inverted cursor color configuration at
“Sessions->RDP->RDP Global->Options->Inverted cursor color” or registry key

[VMware Horizon View]
– Added proxy connection settings supporting direct connection,
systemwide proxy or a session specific proxy

– Updated Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack to version 1.4.0
– Added autostart of Program Neighboorhood provided sessions. The list of
autostarted applications can be defined at: “Sessions->ICA->Citrix
XenApp/Program Neighborhood->Logon”.
The autostart mechanism does not care about automatically reconnected
applications. To avoid this, the number of allowed running sessions
can be limited at server side.

[RedHat Enterprise Virtualization client]
– Updated client for RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Desktops to
version 0.8.3.
– Fixed sharing of USB devices

– Updated Firefox to version 17.0.11esr.
– Updated flash player download url.
– Added Firefox browser support to products IZ2-RFX/IZ3-RFX and

– Added DSA key configuration for session authentication at
“Sessions->NX->(session name)->Server” or registry key:

– Improved Evince PDF Viewer to configure print dialog option
‘Auto Rotate and Center’ with registry key

– Added VNC Viewer session setup at “Sessions->VNC Viewer”
– Added hiding of disconnect button at remote shadowing indicator at “System->
Shadow->Allow User to disconnect Remote Shadowing” or at registry key
– Updated smart card resource manager pcsc-lite to version 1.8.9.
– Updated A.E.T SafeSign PKCS#11 library to version 3.0.3665.
– Updated Safenet / Aladdin eToken driver and PKCS#11 library to version 8.1.0-4.
– Added smart card reader driver ACS CCID version 1.0.5. to support the isabel
smartcard reader used in Belgium.
– Added support for german healthcare card reader celectronic CARD STAR /medic2:
Connect via serial port and redirect in RDP and ICA sessions via COM Port
Mapping (device COMx).
– Added support for german healthcare card reader celectronic CARD STAR /memo3:
connect via USB and redirect in RDP and ICA sessions via COM Port Mapping
(device USB COM1).
– Updated MUSCLE CCID smart card reader driver to version 1.4.13

– Added Softpro Virtual Serial Sign Pad: new driver to make Softpro supported
USB signature pads available in ICA and RDP sessions through COM Port Mapping:
Enable support at “User Interface->Input->Signature Pad”.
For redirection the virtual serial device /dev/ttyVSSP0 was added to ICA and
RDP COM Port Mapping setup.
– Updated StepOver serversonet to version 0.7.11.
– Updated Philips driver to version 12.0.8 for dictation with Philips devices
via ICA and RDP sessions:
– Support of Microsoft Windows Server 2012
NOTE: on server side, the Philips driver version has to be v3.2.321.01 or
– Activate at “ICA / RDP Global Setup Mapping->Device Support->Philips
Speech Channel for Dictation”
– For backward compatibility driver version 5.0.10 is available in the firmware.
IMPORTANT: Do not activate old and new driver versions simultaneously.

[Java Runtime Environment]
– Added ability to use IGEL UDC Token with IGEL UMS started by java webstart.
– Updated Java Runtime Environment to 1.7.0 U45.

– Added OneSign ProveID Embedded support in IGEL Appliance Mode with support for
Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View.
Configure access to imprivata appliance at “Sessions->Appliance Mode”.

– Added configuration of additional Wi-Fi networks (MUlti SSID):
“Network->LAN Interfaces->Wireless->Additional Wi-Fi networks”
– Added Broadcom Wi-Fi driver. Supported PCI chipsets: BCM43224, BCM43225, BCM4313.
– Added Support for USB wireless adapters based on Ralink RT3370 and Ralink RT3572 chipsets.
– Added Support for 802.1X MD5 authentication
– Added new registry key “”:
key enabled (default): if you have 2 network interfaces and one is set up,
the network configuration waits until the 2nd interface is set up
or the timeout for the 2nd interface has ellapsed.
key disabled: if you have 2 interfaces and one is set up,
the network configuration of the 2nd interface times out immediately.

– Updated VIA graphics driver to version increased DisplayPort stability.
– Added support for display resolution of 1366×768
(for INTEL, ATI and newer VIA chipsets).
– Added configuration for panel color selection: Registry keys

[base system]
– Added login user name history to preset the login dialog with the last logged in
user name. To activate this, check “Security->Logon->Active Directory/Kerberos->
Remember last user name” and/or at “Security->Logon->Shared Workplace”.
– Added sound volume configuration at “Accessories->Sound Mixer->Sound Mixer
– Added bulgarian keyboard layout support.
– Updated timezone data to version 2013g-0ubuntu0.12.04.
– Updated german userinterface translation.
– Added XBELL sound functionality to Xephyr X-session.
– Updated IGEL Setup to version 4.5.19.
– Added new quick settings session at “Accessories->Quick Settings Session”.
Through this session you can provide access to the user setup without
being forced to login in as a user. With this mechanism it is possible
to define which parameters a user should be able to configure to establish
a self service configuration access.
IMPORTANT: Do not set a password for user based setup access (still the
administrator can be password protected)

Fixed bugs:
– Fixed invisible mouse cursor.
– Fixed load balance info initialization. Set the “Load balancing routing token”
at “Sessions->RDP->RDP Session-><session name>->Options”.
– Fixed COM Port Mapping:
– reading data from COM port sometimes was delayed or stuck
– some devices did not work at all
– IGEL RDP Client 2 client fixes:
– Fixed COM Port Mapping: asynchronous data transfer did not work properly.
– Fixed timezone redirection.
– Fixed ‘auto logoff’ for IGEL RDP Client 2 client sessions.
Configurable at IGEL Setup -> Security -> Logon -> Auto Logoff.
– Fixed Remote Desktop Web Access authentication problem at the first logon.
– Network mode for RemoteFX auto configuration has been set to LAN.
– Fixed Connection Broker support for Windows Server 2012 (R2) with enabled RemoteFX..
– RD Web Access: Fixed published sessions with ‘+’ sign in the session name.
– Fixed albanian keyboard mapping.

– Citrix XenApp/Program Neighborhood:
– Fixed sporadic issue with missing/wrong desktop icons.
– With enabled desktop folders, empty folders are not displayed anymore.
– Fixed behaviour of Logoff-, Reconnect-, Refresh-button in quickstart panel.
– Fixed redraw issues with ICA seamless applications, if composite manager is running.

[VMware Horizon View]
– Fixed multi monitor support with RDP protocol
– Fixed “Auto Logoff/Shutdown” feature in VMware Horizon View appliance mode.
– Fixed keyboard layout forwarding in Horizon View RDP sessions.

– Fixed memory leak, when opening multiple PDF documents.

[2X Client]
– Fixed 2X Client sessions.
– Fixed window switching if a 2X fullscreen application is running.

– Fixed printing to serial port.
– Fixed printing to CUPS printers out of PowerTerm Terminal Emulation.

– Fixed X server: update to ubuntu version 1.11.4-0ubuntu10.14 to fix a segfault
with solaris 10 XC font service.
– Fixed native graphics driver support on devices with INTEL graphics chipsets,
where ACPI support is not working.
– Fixed wrong background of taskbar separators after screen lock.
– Fixed Egalax touch screen support.
– Fixed Tsharc touch screen support.
– Fixed automatic start of calibration tool for touchscreens with Elographics and
EvTouch driver after successfull calibration.
– Improved reload, logoff, shutdown and reboot icons.

– Fixed bootup with deactivated network interfaces.
– Fixed support for Ralink RT2870 USB WLAN adapter.
– Fixed issue, that network notification does not disappear after boot.
– IEEE802.1x Authentication:
– New support for registry key
Only connect to secured Networks (default false).
– Improved dialog handling for network authentication.
– Improved authentication (LAN and WLAN) to validate the server certificate
and all trusted root certificates in /etc/ssl/certs.
As a consequence, custom CA certificates for server certificate validation can be
enrolled with UMS file transfer type “SSL Certificate”. To restore the old
functionality uncheck registry key
“network.interfaces.ethernet.deviceX.ieee8021x.certs.use_ca_path” (LAN)
or “network.interfaces.wirelesslan.device0.wpa.certs.use_ca_path” (WLAN).

[base system]
– Fixed userinterface theme configuration: if a wrong theme is configured
the standard theme is used now.
– Fixed sporadic issue, that the session icon of newly created sessions
is not displayed on the desktop or in start menu.
– Fixed display of postscript files in evince viewer.
– Fixed autostart sessions to start only after window manager is ready.
– Suppress “user: local user” line in screen lock/unlock window when no log on is active.
– Advanced start menu fixes:
– Fixed graphical distortion after screen saver was running.
– Added a workaround to get rid of a black rectangle when the start menu window vanishes
due to a click to the system menu of another window.
– Fixed wrong names in start menu subdirectories.
– It is now possible to put sessions with the same name into desktop subdirectories.
– Fixed issues with built-in CD/DVD-Rom devices: use registry key
“devices.builtin_devices.enable_optical_hotplug” to configure,
if built-in CD/DVD-Rom devices should be handled by the storage hotplug system.
The key is enabled by default.
The storage hotplug system can be configured at
“Devices->Storage Devices->USB Storage Hotplug”.
To enable the storage hotplug system the “Number of USB storage hotplug devices” must
be set to a minimum of 1.