Xmas Special: cloud-client.info Multimedia Extension Pack for IGEL Linux RC1

Hello Folks,

you are not happy with the IGEL LX Multimedia features… Want to watch DVD’s? Videostreams or what ever?

Then you should try the cloud-client.info Multimedia Extension Pack Version 1.0.0 RC1!

Core features:

– VLC Media Player
– mplayer Media Player incl. recorder (mcoder) as command line tools
– smplayer mplayer GUI incl. themes and some translations
– Xine Media Player
– DVD Playback extensions
– x264 Codecs (several free versions incl. hardware decoding if supported by the hardware)
– Several command line audio tools to convert or playback multimedia files
– Several new codecs to provide more playback features for all media players
– Video Stream support (prefer VLC to open any Video Stream)
– Major changes in the IGEL base xserver system (not fully tested, may create issues!)

Included but currently not configured/tested:
. DVB device support
– MTP device drivers (Smartphones, Tablets and Digital Cameras)
– Apple device drivers (you can use configuration samples from the Ifuse package available at www.cloud-client.info)
– Some changes in the USB device handling (not fully tested, may create issues!)

Known issues:
Regarding the huge size of this pack the integration requires some time during the boot up, this depends on the system resources available. See also the notes in the installation area in this document.

The pack will force the file integration into the IGEL OS, this is necessary to be compatible to IGEL and other services might be affected by this. In this case you can recreate the ilise.sh script with our Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients (DATI) without the “Force” option enabled-> If the force option is disabled the mplayer command line tools will not work at all!

IGEL Linux V4 will not display a background image after this pack is applied.

Not recommended for the IGEL UD2 (x86)!

Download is available here: Download
Have fun and merry Christmas!