Info: Important to know if you want to try a IGEL OS with Citrix XenDesktop 7

Hello Folks,

if you already Setup a XenDesktop 7 Test Environment to test it with you IGEL Thin Clients you should be aware that the current inbuild receiver is not optimized for XenDesktop 7.

For Windows based devices you need Citrix Receiver 4 for Windows and for Linux you need Citrix Receiver 13, last one is still not released by Citrix. For Windows based devices you might be able to upgrade the Receiver by your own but for Linux you have to wait for the official release. See also:

Why is this important to know, XenDesktop 7 brings a lot of new Features and these Features are mostly not supported by the old Receiver Versions. This can cause Performance, Display or other issues (like no multitouch Support if a touch Screen is used).

So you can Setup your XenDesktop 7 Environments but for your final PoC you should wait for the right Receiver Version. 🙂

This do also apply for the XenApp Feature Pack 2.