Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.09.120

Hi Folks,

there is a “new” Universal Management Suite release available, iam sorry for the delay but currently i don’t spend much time into the blog.


IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.09.120
Release date: 17.07.2015


Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by the IGEL UMS (Java 8 does not
support Server 2003).

The option to accept UMS server certificate temporary when connecting with
UMS console was removed due to incompatibility with security enhancements.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (x86, 32bit) and Ubuntu 14.04 (x86, 32bit and 64bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
data sheet at

UMS 4.09.120 (stable build based on version 4.09.110)
New features
[Configuration Dialog]
– Updated configuration dialog to provide setup pages of upcoming LX
release v5.07.100

Fixed bugs
[Console, common]
– Fixed: A bug whereby the user got “SSL error: Unrecognized SSL message,
plaintext connection?” after updating from UMS version 4.01.100 to 4.09.100
(4.09.110) at logon.
– Fixed: Objects could not be renamed from within the content area; renaming
in the management tree worked without problems
– Fixed: A profile could not be created if the UMS works with a PostgreSQL
– Fixed configuration dialog issue: display page was not displayed if feature
‘Multi monitor support’ was disabled in a profile
[Thin clients]
– Fixed thin client import issue: during thin client import with long format
the fields ‘comment’ and ‘last known ip’ were mixed up
– Fixed profile assignment issue: indirect assigned profiles might have no
effect if there are directories without assignments between thin client and
directory with assignment
– Fixed delete view issue: deleting two or more views at once (multi selection)
failed; applied to UMS on oracle and SQL Server database only
[Universal Firmware Update]
– Fixed: Deleting a universal firmware update in the UMS caused the deletion of
the whole WebDav folder. This bug occurs for universal firmware updates
(created by “Snapshot -> Universal Firmware Update”) which are stored directly
in one of the WebDav folder.
[Configuration Dialog]
– Fixed problems with blue colored tree nodes in setup tree.
[Server, common]
– Fixed: ums startup failed after update installations (4.09.100 to 4.09.110)
in rare cases
[Administrator application]
– Fixed administrator application issue: administrator application won’t start
if there is no data source defined