Tip: Still using IGEL LX/OS Version 4.x.x and require SHA2 or Storefront support for Citrix ICA sessions?

Hi Folks,

i know a couple of customers and users are waiting for this, so if you still have older IGEL UDx-x2x and UDx-x3x running IGEL LX Version 4.x.x or migrated 3rd Party devices (migrated with the Universal Desktop Converter Version 1) you can now use SHA2 certificates and Citrix Storefront with the latest Version 4.14.100.

Please be aware: Read the disclaimer coming with the new firmware release, it’s very important for devices coming with only a 512MB HDD/CF-Card! Also the “old” hidden failback switch (mentioned here) to select between different Citrix Receiver 12 Versions is obsolete with Firmware 4.14.100, you can now switch  between Citrix Receiver Version 12 and 13!

For the Storefront Setup you can use our Whitepaper here, only the local Client screens will look a little bit different regarding the GUI difference between Linux V4 and V5.