Next Thin Client/Zero Client Vendor NComputing on the way to be part of an other company? (Updated)

Hi Folks,

in the last 10 years a couple of thin clients vendors are gone.. Mostly acquired by other companies.

Neoware (US) was bought by HP…
Wyse (US) was bought by Dell…
Pano Logic (US) was… I don’t know how this can be described.
Sun Microsystems (US) was bought by Oracle and discontinued the Thin/Zero Client business.
Liscon (Austria) moved/changed to Stratodesk…

Now the next larger Thin Client Vendor “NComputing” seams to struggle, as mentioned in the Silicon Valley Business Journal here: NComputing in Santa Clara put on the block after troubles and in the San Jose Mercury news here: Santa Clara’s NComputing is for sale and in deep financial trouble. So in the upcoming weeks we will see what will happen to NComputing.