Tip: Hidden Citrix Receiver failback switch in the IGEL Linux

Hello Folks,

iam not sure how long this feature already exists but i should mention it here….

IGEL has included in all current LX/OS Firmware Versions (V4.13.x or V5.01.x to < 5.03.100) a hidden “failback” Switch which can help to bypass issues with the latest included Citrix Receiver Version.

In the current IGEL Firmware 5.02.100 you are able to switch between Citrix Receiver (default, mentioned in the release notes) and Citrix Receiver (mentioned nowhere… 🙁 ). I do not unterstand why this is included as a hidden feature because it’s a clear benefit to have this option available.

Switching between these Versions is quite simple, you only need to execute the command /services/ica/bin/switch_ica_fallback. This can be done from a command line/terminal session for tests / troubleshooting or you can execute it during boottime for production. If you want to switch back to the “default” version just execute the command again… Funny right?

If you want to perform the last option open a profile or the local IGEL Setup and browse to System – Firmware Customization – Custom Commands – Desktop Commands and enter the command in the Custom Command Desktop Final field. After this change is done the setting will be active after the next reboot.

Update: This solution is not available in the Firmware 5.03.100, use here the switch in the gui or the registry setting System->Registry->ICA and enable useversion13.



P.S.: It might be that this switch will be removed in later firmware releases..