Tip: Disable the Last Logon User shown in the Windows ES W7 Logon screen

Hello Folks,

sometimes you don’t need the Auto Logon feature coming with the Windows based IGEL Thin Clients, for example if the device is joined in a domain and you don’t want to see the local Administrator and User account in the Windows Logon Page to make the handling simple for the user.

You can download a new Partial Update for Windows based IGEL Thin Clients here: Download

This Partial Update will disable the Last User Logon Informations in the Windows Logon Screen, the result will look like the screenshot below.


You can also use this as sample how to deal with a Partial Update for a Windows based IGEL Thin Client. The archive contains the package, a manual as PDF, the required UMS Profile and the project file to edit the Partial Update together with our DATI tool.