The new UD3 facelift (aka IGEL meets Darth Vader)

Hello Folks,

maybe you already noticed the UD3 Facelift announced by IGEL in the last weeks, but what do it mean for you as user?

From the technical point… Not much, the biggest new technical change is the extension foot (see below) which now contains two RS232 Ports. For the end user there will be some changes in the handling.

– The front USB hatch will be more stable and easier to handle
– The power switch is now a contact switch, means the User only needs to touch it (compare it to the Xbox 360 power switch)
– The case is “more” green by having no mixed material in the case which means it’s easier to recycle
– The power LED is now located as eye of the IGEL symbol (Eye of the hedgehog)
– The device is a little bit smaller than the old UD3, mostly related to the new “smaller” foot coming with the device
– Easier access to the RJ45 network connector

ud3newback ud3newfoot ud3new

From the Operating System Side and the other technical specs it looks quite similar, like already mentioned; so it’s clearly a facelift from the optical point of view and for the user “handling”. Iam sure a lot of people will like it and a lot of people will also don’t like it but at least this is a question of personal preference.

I will post some more details after i got a trial device, but i believe the device has made some good progress for the end user handling at all.



P.S.: The title comes from my first impression after i saw the new design, i remembered the first time i saw the “black” Darth Vader outfit. 🙂