Tip: Fixing Microsoft Exchange 2013 Index Database issues

Hi Folks,

i just have done two Exchange 2013 stand alone installations and on one Server i’ve run into the issue that the Mail Database Index Search did not work (EventID 1012 for MSExchangeIS) and the User was not able to perform a Search in Outlook or thru Outlook Web Access.

There are a couple of solutions mentioned like changing User Rights and so on but mostly the issue can be fixed quite simple: Just delete the Index Database.

1) Create a Backup or Snapshot for the Exchange Server
2) Browse to the Databasefolder (Default: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database XXXXXXXXXX\)
3) Stop the two Search Services (Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller and Microsoft Exchange Search)
4) In the Mailbox Database Folder should be a cryptic subfolder like  DC206C90-9627-4A70-B156-2E40F8A9429F12.1.Single, it should be the only subfolder here. Move this folder to an other directory (for recovery) or delete it.
5) Restart the two Search Services (see Names in 3))
6) Open the Exchange Administration Site and browse to Server->Database and Verify the Index state.. After a couple of time it should be changed from Unknown to Recreating, be prepared that the recreation can take some time and do not reboot the Server during this time and until the Index State has changed to “without errors”.
7) Drink a beer and be happy that the issue is fixed. 🙂