Fun with the IGEL Linux: FreeCiv for IGEL LX/OS based Clients

Hello Folks,

this pack is the result of a small discussion during a event, content: What are our favorite all-time games?

After a couple of time we agree that Sid Meier’s Civilization is one of the most favorite game for IT Guy’s and someone came up with the point “He, it would be great to play it on an IGEL Thin Client.. …but this will not work on a thin client.”

It works and here is the result!

Fun: FreeCiv for the IGEL Linux

Fun: FreeCiv for the IGEL Linux

Download is available here: Download

So where is my beer now… 🙂

Have fun!


P.S.: This is not a serious article or important for any business IT. 😀 This is also posting 300 in this blog and don’t have to be serious… ..but it demonstrates what can be done with the custom partition feature.