Whitepaper: Current IGEL Hardware

This  Whitepaper describes the current IGEL devices including the hardware names (like M310C), the technology, is the device still available, end of life dates, warranty times and available firmware Versions. So if someone call’s you and only know’s he got a IGEL D200 you know what device it is and how long the support/warranty time will apply to the device.

It includes also the new IGEL UD2 Multimedia which is based on the ARM Technology.

This is not an official IGEL document, this document comes without any guarantee.

The whitepaper is available at papershare: http://www.papershare.com/app/paper.aspx?id=2538&o=3736 and here: http://www.cloud-client.info/whitepaper/WhitepaperIGELHardware.pdf