New Version: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.02.100


IGEL Universal Management Suite


Version 4.02.100





The linux installers are tested with

- Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit)

- Ubuntu 10.04 (32bit)

- RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)


For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite

Data Sheet at


New features


- [Server common]:

    - Tomcat server update to version 7.0.26

        * various vulnerabilities fixed

        * enhanced connection pool for jdbc connections

        * NOTE: tomcat log configurations changed; is now located in /rmguiserver/config folder

- Memory limit for UMS Server increased to 768 MB.

- [Administrative Tasks]:

- New aministrative task: remove thin clients from UMS automatically based on a "view".

- New administraive task: export/delete logged events/messages. This task is a replacement for the export/delete functionality in UMS Administrator.

- [Shared Workplace Extension] A login history is available for SWP users.    

- [Licensing]: License Deployment for IGEL Universal Multidisplay solution.

- [VNC Viewer] Enhancement: send ALT+CTRL+TAB via menu item.

- [UMS Console] Memory limit increased to 512 MB.

- [Configuration Dialog] new/enhanced setup pages


Fixed bugs


- [Server common] feature set labels of thinclients are not 'human readable'

- [Universal Firmware Update] the 'use system proxy' checkbox has been removed, the functionality was not stable.Use java properties instead:



- [High Availabiliby Extension] Load Balancer version number is not updated after a UMS update.

- [UMS Console]

- It is no longer possible to change the password of the database user through UMS Console. To change the password for the embeddedDB use corresponding button in UMS Administrator.

- Automatic checksum refresh is done for all 'files' defined in UMS Management Tree (refresh intervall is 30 minutes).

- UMS writes invalid values to display 'gamma correction' parameters in linux devices (comma instead of dot).

- [AD / LDAP integration] Import of administrative users from LDAP service failed if domain name contained 'dc=' section.

NOTE: this bug did NOT affect Microsoft Active Directory services!

- [Installer (linux)] start environment for RMAdmin: log file location depends no longer on working directory but is always rmguiserver/logs folder.