Tip: Bypass the Windows 8.1 Microsoft account setup

Hi Folks,

i get very often questions how the Microsoft account Setup during the Windows 8.1 installation can be bypassed. Reason is simple, in Windows 8 you could select a small Button to use a local account during the account setup, but this is not available anymore in Windows 8.1.

To setup a local Account it’s very simple to do… Just enter some email crap in the Microsoft account setup like shown in this screenshot:

Bypass the Microsoft Account Setup during Windows 8.1 installation.

Bypass the Microsoft account Setup during Windows 8.1 installation.

Now proceed and you will get some information’s that the mail/password is not correct.. Yes 🙂 ..and a “continue without a Microsoft account button” (marked in red in the screenshot). Click on this text to proceed without a Microsoft account and that’s it… Only disadvantage: you can not use the inbuild Skydrive feature until you switch to/configured a Microsoft account.