Quick configuration for IGEL Linux based devices without the IGEL Universal Management Suite

Maybe you’re environment don’t need a UMS Server, UMS configuration is not possible or it’s just to small to setup an extra management server… A quick and easy configuration is also possible in environments like this, all you need is a FAT32 formatted USB Memory.

Note: If you want to deploy background pictures or firmware updates just create a folder on the USB Memory and place the files into this folder.

1) Setup the first thin client like you want it, enable at least one USB Device in the Devices->Storage Devices! If you want to use the USB Memory also to deploy firmwares, change the update settings to file and point to the folder on the USB Memory where the firmware or other files are placed. For all related settings point to the Update configuration (like background picture or in the flash player download configuration)!

2) Press ALT+CTRL+F11 and login as root, now execute “store_usbconfig”. You will be asked for the configuration name (you can store a couple of different configurations if required) and you’re done here.

3) Boot the client where you want to deploy the configuration and press ALT+CTRL+F11. Execute “load_usbconfig”, you will be asked to replace the existing configuration and after this you can select a configuration from the USB Memory. Reboot the device and execute the “update” command if you want to start the firmware update (needs to be configured and the firmware @ the USB Memory).

4) Proceed 3) at all clients where you want to deploy a configuration….

That’s it… If you want to switch back to the IGEL Desktop just press ALT+CTRL+F1.