Information: Upgrade IGEL Linux V4 to IGEL Linux V5 (Update)

Hello Folks,

as you see IGEL has released the IGEL Universal Desktop OS V2 (based on IGEL Linux V5) and the IGEL Linux V5.

What is important to know regarding the Upgrade?


IGEL Universal Desktop OS -> IGEL Universal Desktop OS V2 = Not supported

The hardware requirements have significantly changed (increased) and also some older hardware platform’s are not supported anymore with the V5. If you want to upgrade you need a seperate license / installer media and you MUST test it (OS V2) in advance!

Update: IGEL will release a update Firmware to upgrade from IGEL Universal Desktop OS to the new Linux V5 based Universal Desktop OS but you still require a new license (!). This update will be only available on request regarding the fact that the upgrade can make an installation unusable if no “new” licenses are in place and to prevent a not wanted upgrade.


IGEL Universal Desktop LX -> IGEL Linux V5 = Supported for new IGEL Dual Core devices, older devices with a single core CPU are not supported for an Upgrade. Update: The last Generation of single core devices is also supported, like UD3-730 for the Upgrade.

What is important here, a direct firmware update will not work! I’ve already test this so you can not mess up you existing installation in any way and the firmware files can be located in the same folder like the IGEL Linux V4 firmwares on your webserver, currently iam waiting for the “step between” to upgrade my dual core device’s but it’s not yet released(!).

Update: Upgrade pack is available for download here


Will i still receive updates for my IGEL Linux V4 devices = Yes, nothing changed here at the moment.


What  happens to Windows (W7)= Nothing, only a change for the Product Name after the update.
If i perform a upgrade from Linux V4 to V5, do i need to update my profiles in the UMS= If you want to configure new settings of course but you should not be forced to change existing configurations because the most settings should be similar. In any way the known basic rule: Test in advance!


Should i test the new IGEL Linux V5 before rolling out the firmware or Universal Desktop OS V2 to a bunch of devices= Yes, it’s a complete new product and it don’t have to work like the old one! …otherwise you would not deploy it, right?


What happens to my current order or if i don’t want the new IGEL Linux V5 in my IGEL Linux V4 environment= Check with the IGEL Sales Rep/Service, IGEL started shipping the new firmware and if you don’t want to deploy the IGEL Linux V5 you should check in advance what type of Linux or UDC incl. license will be shipped to you to prevent a bad supprise.


Update: Can i downgrade from IGEL Linux V5 to IGEL Linux V4: Yes and No; devices delivered with IGEL Linux V5 can not be downgraded, a device that was original delivered with Linux V4 and got a upgrade from V4 to V5 can be downgraded via a seperate Firmware package.


Please Note: Iam not responsible for the upgrade path’s or how the upgrade is handled, there might be changes in the future but this is based on the information’s i received until today from IGEL. If there are major updates i will blog it here like in the past. If you have seperate questions contact the IGEL Support Team, iam sure they will help you if possible.




P.S.: Regarding the new trial/test licenses (OS V2) or trial/test devices contact your Partner or IGEL Sales Rep.