Solution: Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients Version 1.05

Hello Folks,

here is a new release for the Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Client Version 1.05.

You want to customize your IGEL Thin Clients, then you should try it… 🙂

DATI: Windows Partial Update Front End

DATI: Windows Partial Update Front End

DATI: IGEL Linux Integration Script Engine (ILISE)

DATI: IGEL Linux Integration Script Engine (ILISE)


– Version 1.05
ILISE has now a drop down menu that contains several features/options.
ILISE allows to edit the generated integration shell script now.
ILISE can now add a protected MyScript Area for your own extensions, this area will not be overwritten by the script engine.
ILISE can now load already created shell scripts ( if available in the content folder for the custom partition package.
ILISE now supports up to 15 custom code snipplets to be added to the ILISE MyScript Area.
Added find and replace function to ILISE, find and replace will modify all lines generated by ILISE and the MyScript Area by default.
Added “Reset Settings Option” to ILISE.
Fixed a small display issue with the ILISE Tooltip’s.
Added Website URL’s to Info Menu.
Updated URL to IGEL’s LUNA Script Language Manual for Windows Embedded Partial Updates, URL can be modified in the dati.ini if changed again.
Added Whitepaper related to Linux custom partition basics as Helpfile (optional download).
New Feature: Help Download Tool, DATI will now offer the download and include of missing Helpfiles / Whitepapers.
Added change path option to ILISE for the 7za.exe if required or 7za.exe is located in an other folder
ILISE can now create .tar.bz2 or .tbz files (configured thru ILISE options), .tbz format/extension is used by IGEL Technology.
ILISE will now check that 7za.exe is available in the configured/default folder before creating a .tar.bz2/.tbz archive.
Custom Partition Package .inf file creator can now select .tar.bz2 and .tbz files to create the required .inf file.
Added Print Script feature to ILISE for the purpose of documentation, this will print the generated script incl. the MyScript Area.
Added DATI .ini file, the .ini file will be created if not exists and contains configuration settings for DATI.
Optimized code and graphics, dati.exe size reduced from 364KB to less then 220KB without loosing any features.


Download here: Download




P.S.: There is Version 1.05.1 available fixing an issue with the .tbz/.tar.bz2 switch in the options, thanks for the report!