Solution: Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients Version 1.04

Hello Folks,

here is a new DATI release, Version 1.04 contains a couple of changes:

DATI: IGEL Linux Integration Script Engine (ILISE)

DATI: IGEL Linux Integration Script Engine (ILISE)

ILISE is nearly final (RC)
ILISE can now also write the Linux integration script as Linux executable shell script ( in the custom partition content folder.
Fixed issue with the Partial Update->Deploy several files from one folder function (always one file was not copied).
Fixed issue for ILISE if the content folder has no subdirectorys to prevent a not valid // script entry.
ILISE can now create a .tar.bz2 archive based on the set content folder for the custom partition.
Added some options to the ILISE script engine.
Added helper folder for add-on tools (currently 7-Zip command line tool is added to create the .tar.bz2 file).
Optimized ILISE Engine to provide a better user experience incl. a status Windows and User messages/warnings.
Added Tooltip’s to all features in ILISE.
Updated logo for the info window.
Reworked ReadMe.txt (The file you are reading at the moment…)

The Download is available here: Download