IGEL UMD-Multimonitoring extreme or could I get one screen more please?

Do you need a workplace with more then two screens… Maybe 3, 4 or up to 8. Then you should try the IGEL Universal MultiDisplay solution which is available now. The solution is quite new and IGEL provides a small data sheet here: http://www.igel.com/fileadmin/user/upload/documents/PDF_files/Datasheets_EN/DS_UMD_85-EN-9-1.pdf

During my test with a trial version it works quite smart but i recommend to use a UD3 as satellite. Really a nice solution and much more flexible and cheaper then other available solutions. You can find the results from my first test’s here: https://blog.cloud-client.info/2012/03/07/cebit-2012-news-up-to-8-screen-on-a-workplace-with-igels-distributed-display-solution/

Minimum requirement is the Universal Desktop LX Firmware 4.09.200, a UD5 as master incl. the recommended network card (available in the starter kit), one or more satellit system’s (UD2,3 or 5) and a license from IGEL to enable the solution.