Tip: Troubleshooting VGA Display issues for IGEL Linux based Operating Systems

Hi Folks,

if you’re using a Linux based IGEL Thin Client together with an analog Monitor or TV and you get only a black Screen/frequency error or the Monitor goes in the standby mode this article will provide you some guidance how this can be fixed.

1) Don’t use a KVM Switch in general for your tests.

2) Make sure that you have the right VGA cable in place, there are two Versions available: 14 and 15 pole. Depending on the Display you could be required to use an 15 pole cable.

3) Not all issues can be fixed and if possible test also the connection with a DVI cable.

4) If using a DVI-I splitter cable to VGA / DVI-D make sure that the cable is an original IGEL Y-Cable or if using a Universal Desktop OS converted device a Y-Cable certified by the Vendor of the inbuild Graphic Card. Splitter cables DVI-I to 2x DVI or DVI to 2x VGA (both are not DVI Standard and only used if a vendor extend the DVI standard by there own) are not supported with original IGEL Thin Clients, for Universal Desktop OS converted devices this depends on the inbuild GFX Card: Please contact the hardware Vendor in this case.

5) If you’re using VGA and you got an issue try the following Settings in the IGEL Setup->System->Registry:

x.xserver0.analog_timings= Enabled
x.xserver0.connector= VGA, if you’re using two Displays also set x.xserver0.screen1.connector to the right port
x.xserver0.noddc= Enabled

Assign the configuration and reboot the device, if this did not solve the issue try 1-4 or open a support case at IGEL but mostly the issue should be fixed thru these Settings.