New IGEL UD5 Hardware Test Whitepaper

Hello Folks,

i’ve written a small Whitepaper with detailed Hardware Test results for the new IGEL UD5 Dual Core device.

This Whitepaper is only related to the performance provided by the new Hardware incl.  the most important Hardware features, it will not provide detailed information’s related to the IGEL Firmware or the IGEL Universal Management Suite.

Regarding the drivers, the Test’s has been done with the IGEL Universal Desktop ES W7 Firmware Version 3.05.100 and I will repeat these test’s after the final production Firmware release. So some results can be different but at all you will get a first Impression regarding the Performance improvements for this upcoming device.

The Whitepaper is ready for download at in the Whitepaper section.


P.S.: I stay 100% behind the results but in any way, you can test this by your own in a very simple way. If your results differ more then 5% to my results please provide me details about your tests incl. Hardware BIOS Version and so on to verify the possible reasons for the difference. Thanks!