Windows 8, Metro Style Apps and Sysprep


very often i got an issue with Windows 8 and Metro Styles Apps, the issue is quite simple… If some user has updated the Metro Style Default Apps coming with Windows 8, syprep will not work anymore. There are some descriptions on TechNet how to fix it but in reality this fix doesn’t work or don’t provide the result it should be.

I don’t know why Microsoft has implemented the handling for Metro Apps in this way but from my opinion this is really a poor design how to handle the default Apps during a Sysprep and strongly needs to be fixed or changed if this is really a “design” related issue (I know nobody solving this issue with the three mentioned solutions in the TechNet Article to get Sysprep working again!).

So if you have to deal with Windows 8 for VDI/Provisioning don’t deal with the Metro App’s in any way on your Master Image(s)!


P.S.: I forgot, Windows 2012 shows the same behavior…. 🙁