Release: IGEL Universal Management Server

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 5.02.100
Release date: 2016-04-20

HTML version of this readme is available at

– New key attribute ‘Unit ID’ added to thin clients; the unit ID is a unique
identifier for a thin client. It is set to the MAC address for all
currently supported devices
– Apache Derby Driver updated to version
– tested lx versions

Known Issues:

[High Availability Feature]

– Load balancers fail to upload the log files to UMS if support info is created.
This effects high availability networks only.

New features:

[UMS common]

– Added automatic UDC license deployment;
configure an IGEL Thin Client (UD LX / UDC v5.09 or higher) to be a
‘UDC automatic license deployment server’ on setup page
IGEL Setup -> System -> Remote management -> UDC automatic license deployment server
(Device registry key: system.remotemanager.wol_proxy.enabled; Type: bool; default: false)
and activate the automatic license deployment in
UMS console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Automatic UDC License Deployment -> Enable Automatic UDC License Deployment.
Any new UDC device registering to UMS will get a license automatically.
See for details.

– Enhanced support information: all assigned profiles of a selected thin client
are added to the support information file

– Added feature for sending Wake on LAN broadcasts via ‘Wake on LAN Proxies’.
These proxies are standard IGEL thin clients (UD LX / UDC v5.09.100 or higher)
and can be defined in UMS Console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Wake On LAN -> Wake On LAN Proxies.
There is no configuration required on the thin client side.
Wake on LAN proxies are designed to send wake up broadcasts into network
segments that cannot be reached from UMS server directly.
See for details.
[Console, common]

– Enhanced mail feature:
* Added option to mail results of administrative tasks
* Added direct mailing of support information via UMS internal mail client

– Enhanced user login history for thin client logins:
* Added AD login and logoff to logging in UMS (up to now only Shared
Workplace logins were logged).
* Added quick search support for currently logged in users
(must be activated in UMS Console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Misc Settings -> User Login History)

– Enhanced user experience in UMS console: window pane sizings are now restart
safe stored.

– Added: User Manual is available offline in UMS Console Menu -> Help -> User Manual (offline)
[Thin clients]

– Added new asset information field to thin clients: custom firmware name
(supported in W7 /W7+ devices since version 3.11.100 while creating a snapshot)

– Enhanced usability in profile import
* select best match firmware automatically if original firmware is not available
* by default file chooser lists xml and zip files only
* when importing a profile archive, all profiles are selected for import by default

– Added functionality to assign profiles to the current result of a view
or search. Assignment is made once for all element currently in the view,
this is not a dynamic assignment process!
The available options are
* UMS Console -> View context menu -> Assign profiles to the thin clients of the view
* UMS Console -> View context menu -> Detach profiles from the thin clients of the view
* UMS Console -> Search entry context menu -> Assign profiles to the thin clients of the search
* UMS Console -> Search entry context menu -> Detach profiles from the thin clients of the search
[Configuration Dialog]

– Added support to copy a complete session in configuration dialog;
* functionality is available for all session types (e.g. RDP, Citrix, ..)
* executed via context menu in Configuration dialog -> Sessions -> [any session] -> Session instance context menu -> Copy

– Enhanced VNC configuration: VNC settings for integrated VNC Viewer
can be configured globally and take effect with every VNC mirroring session
(UMS Console -> Aministration section -> Global Configuration -> VNC).
[Admin tasks]

– Added new administrative task: export job executions and delete exported job executions;
* Name of administrative task: Delete job execution data
* Delete rules are configured in UMS Console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Job Protocol
[High Availability Feature]

– Enhanced HA network stability: HA network refuses connection of processes
that have been installed with a different network token.

– Added automatic database configuration for new server processes
in an HA environment. It’s no longer necessary to configure the
HA database manually when an additional server is added to the network.
[Installer (linux)]

– Added installer option to create menu items for “UMS Console” and “UMS Administrator”
on Linux operating systems.
[IGEL Management Interface (IMI)]

Detailed documentation for IMI is available at

– Added support for IGEL Secure VNC. IMI provides methods to get thin client certificate
and the one-time password to forward the credentials to any VNC client you want to use.

– Added profile and master profile support.
* Provides functionality to edit/move/remove profiles and masterprofiles
* NOT supported: create profile/masterprofile or configuration change

– Added assignment support for profiles/masterprofiles
* Assing/detach profiles to/from thin clients and thin client folders

– Added use of alias ‘latest’ instead of IMI version (/v1, /v2) in
REST urls. /latest represents the newest IMI version.
Resolved issues:

[UMS common]

– Fixed UMS server logging issue: daily file for catalina log is created again;
– IMI got separate log file ‘api.log’.
[Console, common]

– Fixed ‘User manual’ link in help menu; link points to UMS 5 manual now

– Fixed crash in Log and Event Messages dialog with large databases: dialog would not open
in environments with more than about 1000 thin clients.

– Fixed: The UMS database administrator was not allowed to manage the
public holidays (UMS console->Misc->Manage public Holidays)

– Enhanced thin client panel layout: assignment panel width is preserved
if thin client selection changes

– Fixed: assigned thin clients on firmware updates dissapear if a firmware update
is selected and F5 is pressed

– Fixed: license creation from smartcard fails if the license contains
Addon Multimedia Codecs 2 or Addon Multimedia Codec AAC
[Thin clients]

– Fixed: Asset id field showed the same value as the serial number field.

– Fixed: Sending settings to a thin client fails if a file is assigned
to the tc several times.

– Fixed: Some settings could not be saved on setup pages
‘System/Power Options/Display’ and ‘System/Power Options/System’

– Fixed bug in permission management of profile assignments: assignment panel
did not display assigned thin clients

– Changed: double click action on directories in profile assignment dialog
does no longer assign the folder, but expands the folder instead.

– Fixed issues of view with ‘Flashplayer’ criterion and operator ‘not like’: view did
not return any thin clients

– Fixed: Views with online criterion can’t be assigned to a scheduled job.

– Fixed: Bug in “Send View Result as Mail”, which exported some incorrect columns

– Changed name of Job “Update next Reboot” to “Update on Boot”

– Fixed: use ip address of server in file transfer URLs to avoid problems resolving FQDN

– Fixed: A file which is assigned to a parent directory of a thin client
is sent to the tc even if the file is in the recycle bin.

– Fixed file deleting issue: If a file is deleted in UMS the corresponding ‘real’ file
in the WebDAV directory is not deleted as long as other UMS files refer to it.
[Configuration Dialog]

– Fixed thin client configuration issue: thin client settings for profile instances are not saved.

– Fixed: Empty error message while opening Browser Session via Session Summary in configuration dialog

– Fixed configuration dialog issue with PostreSQL database: configuration could not
be saved, if values of fix instances were changed.

– Fixed permission issue for display page: page permission for display page
did not take effekt on UD LX / UDC devices prior to 5.08.
This problem exists since UMS version 5.01.

– Fixed: Adding Browser Session with legacy LX Firmwares

– Fixed time zone configuration issue: It’s possible to use template keys
in WES profiles for timezone parameter on page Sytem -> Date and Time

– Fixed: Path to some parameters were highlightet in green even if there was
no template pattern set for the parameter.
[Console, administration section]

– Fixed server actions in administration section, UMS Networt, Server: stop service and start service actions
in context menue of the UMS server are available in an HA environment only.

– Fixed ‘test’ button in email configuration: now a test mail is sent to verify the connection.
[Admin tasks]

– Enhanced job execution history for administrative tasks: an additional column shows
the server which executed the task (relevant mainly for HA environments)
[AD / LDAP integration]

– Fixed AD configuration test button issue: If an AD configuration is defined
with an user but without a password, the test button now asks for
valid credentials before the connection to the Active Directory is tested
[Console, web start]

– Fixed: License creation from smartcard doesn’t work on Linux systems.
[Server, common]

– Removed weak SSL ciphers in UMS server: RC4_128_SHA and RC4_128_MD5 removed.

– Updated: Apache Derby Driver version to version

– Changed: Increased the maximum memory usage of UMS Console (512mb -> 768mb)
and UMS Server (768mb -> 1024mb)
[Administrator application]

– Fixed wrong state of SQL console button in UMS Administrator: button was active
even if no data source was activated.
[Installer (windows)]

– Fixed Innosetup script recording for silent installation: silent installation
did always perform a full installation, even if individual component selections
were made during script recording.

– Fixed windows installer issue: missing embedded database configuration
if standard server WITHOUT console is installed

– Enhanced installation process: installer keeps running until UMS server
has started completely and database update is done.
This may take some minutes, but prevents database update problems
[Installer (linux)]

– Enhanced installation process: installer keeps running until UMS server
has started completely and database update is done.
This may take some minutes, but prevents database update problems
[IGEL look and feel]

– Fixed various Issues with the new UMS 5 Look and Feels
(icons, date picker layout, check box representation in tables, ..).
[IGEL Management Interface (IMI)]

– Changed: IMI performance enhancements for finding all thin clients or thin client directories

– Fixed: IMI license can now contain more than one cluster id