Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.09.100

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.09.100
Release date: 20.04.2015

Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by the IGEL UMS (Java 8 does not
support Server 2003).

The option to accept UMS server certificate temporary when connecting with
UMS console was removed due to incompatiblity with security enhancements.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit) and Ubuntu 14.04 (32bit and 64bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at
UMS 4.09.100
New features

[UMS common]
– Updated java environment to Java 8 Update 40
– Added ability to disable the UMS server http connector. If disabled, secure connections are allowed only (https). Http connector can be disabled in UMS Administrator->Ports/Timeouts->’Allow SSL connections only’
– Added support for Oracle 12c database
[Console, common]
– Added link to user manual on (Menu Misc->User manual); User manual in pdf format is no longer included in UMS installations
– Added “configuration changed flag” after assigning/releasing a profile to/from thin clients/ thin client directories.
– Added new profile type: Master-profile
* master-profiles allow a priorised profile assignment which cannot be overwritten by standard-profiles (priority of master-profiles is always higher than priority of standard-profiles)
* master-profiles are organized in a separate root node in the navigation tree (for access control reasons)
* assignment priority of master-profiles is inverse to standard-profiles: profile closest to TC has lowest priorits, indirect assignments with largest distance have highest priority)
* Use master-profiles to force thin client settings which must not be overwritten by standard-profiles (e.g. session profiles or desktop configuration profiles managed by department administrators or helpdesk)
– Enhanced template profile health check: list empty template values in health check result
Added view export feature: send view result by mail (via SMTP).
Exports can be triggered manually via view context menu action or scheduled as administrative task.
Initial configuration of mail server, security settings and user credentials has to be defined in the UMS console administration tree ‘Global Configuration-> Email Settings’. Available parameters are:
* SMTP Host
* Reply Address
* SMTP User
* SMPT Password
* SMTP Port
* Available authentication methods: simple, SSL/TLS, Start TLS
[Universal Firmware Update]
– Added release notes in html format (available with the latest firmware versions only)

Resolved Issues
[UMS common]
– Fixed several security issues: the UMS server is now based on Tomcat 8.0.14. Please refer to for details
– Fixed: Directory rules with a product name criterion had no effect on reboot or register.
[Console, common]
– Fixed problem with Recycle Bin: objects would randomly reappear if you put them in the Recycle Bin, clear the Recycle Bin and refresh the tree (F5)
– Fixed minor issue in log level configuration (administration tree): log level labels are now translated
– Fixed some template key issues:
* assignment inconsistency after restoring template keys from the recycle bin
* renaming issue on template values
– Fixed issue with views containing the online criterion: they are now assignable to jobs
– Fixed: profiles with “overwrite” – flag are now effective again.
[Thin clients]
– Fixed “export Thin Clients” action for Thin Clients and Thin Client directories. Now this action is available in the context menu of content tables too.
– Improved performance in ums console for thinclient-directories with a lot of profile assignments.
[Shared Workplace Feature]
– Fixed shared workplace profile assignment inconsistency: assignments to AD groups now have less priority than direct assignments to a AD user
– Fixed issue with missing thin clients in views with ‘assigned profiles’ criterion
– Fixed: a view with “profile assigned” criterion now shows all thinclients with the chosen (direct and indirect) assigned profile.
– Fixed date picker issue: wrong week day abbreviations (e.g. in ‘Edit Job’ dialog) for german language replaced by proper ones
[Files (URLFiles)]
– Fixed file transfer via context menu ‘File UMS->TC’ on thin client directories
[Universal Firmware Update]
– Changed ums firmware update authentication. All firmware update user entries will be updated to user ‘IGEL_INTERNAL_FIRMWAREUPDATE_USER’ and will get a generated password. It is no longer necessary to manage the users in firmware updates manually (e.g. on password changes).
– Fixed universal firmware update registration issue: when registering a firmware update from zip file, direct assignments to thin clients are not possible.
– Fixed: Disabled the ftp/WebDAV buttons, if no row is selected (in “Check for Firmware Updates”)
– Fixed: ums firmware updates can be created out of windows 7+ snapshots.
– Fixed HTTP response code 500 when proxy configuration of universal firmware update is used.
[Configuration Dialog]
– Fixed coloring issue with nodes Userinterface -> Display -> Desktop -> Background: path is now marked blue, if paramters are activated.
Additional: Pages which contains template keys are now displayed green.
[Console, administration tree]
– Fixed issue in ‘Wake on LAN’ configuration: add/remove/change subnet or netmask configurations sometimes generated ‘Index: 0, Size: 0’ errors
[AD / LDAP integration]
– fixed a bug occurred by deleting AD/LDAP configurations
[Console, webstart]
– Added full support for Java 8 RIA (Java Web Start) security features. Application and web start configuration (jnlp) are signed. Starting UMS Console via web start will produce no security warnings.
[Database schema]
– Fixed: The search results in oracle databases can now be deleted
[Universal Customization Builder (UCB)]
– Fixed minor internatialization issues in UCB (some labels had wrong language)