New Release: IGEL Linux for ARM (UD2 Multimedia/IZ1) based devices Version 1.09.100

IGEL Linux SoC
Version 1.09.100
Release date 2015-03-09
Last update of this document 2015-03-09

Supported devices: IZ1-RFX, IZ1-HDX, UD2-LX MultiMedia

The online Release Notes can be found at
Registry Keys of parameters are listed there.

– Citrix Receiver 12.5.1
– Citrix Receiver
– Firefox 20.0
– IGEL Legacy RDP Client 1.0
– IGEL RDP Client 2.1
– Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded
– Leostream Java Connect
– Oracle JRE 1.7.0_60
– VMware Horizon client 2.0.0-1049726

– Reader Driver ACS CCID 1.0.5
– Reader Driver MUSCLE CCID 1.4.13
– Reader Driver REINER SCT cyberJack 3.99.5final.SP03
– Resource Manager PC/SC Lite 1.8.9

System Components:
– Xorg X11 Server 1.10.4
– Xorg Xephyr 1.10.4
IMPORTANT: Depending on your board, you may not be able to downgrade to
versions earlier than 1.08.300. Check the Application Launcher
at the “About” Tab. If you have a board with a so called SPI-Flash
attached, you can read its type at the “Hardware” section.
If your type is “w25q80”, the lowest version to downgrade to is
1.08.300. If you don’t have a SPI-Flash, the lowest version to
downgrade to is 1.07.100

IMPORTANT: This releases integrates two Citrix Receiver versions 12 and 13.
You can only choose to run either of the versions.
The old 12 Citrix Receiver is still available for compatibility
reasons and activated by default. Version 13 of the Citrix Receiver
can be activated at the local setup of the device or through a UMS
profile configuration.
Removed features:

– Removed java webstart session type and webbrowser support
Known issues:

[ICA/Citrix Receiver 12 and 13]
– Currently Kerberos is not supported, so Kerberos passthrough will not work
with Legacy ICA sessions and Citrix StoreFront/Web Interface.
Workaround: configure “Passthrough authentication”

[RDP/IGEL RDP Client 2]
– RDP sessions freeze sporadically, if RD Gateway support is enabled.
New features:

[ICA/Citrix Receiver 13]
– Updated Citrix Receiver to version 13.1.2
– Added “CGP Address” parameter to support the session reliability feature on page:
Citrix > HDX / ICA Global > Options
(Please note that this parameter might be overwritten by the Citrix server.)
– Added parameter “ica.wfclient.twiavoidfullscreenwhenmaximized” to enable
a bug fix from Citrix regarding maximization of windows in a multi-monitor
setup with different resolutions (default: disabled).
– Added parameter “ica.wfclient.twisetfocusbeforerestore” to enable a
workaround from Citrix to set the focus on windows before restoring them
to avoid issues with Java applications.(default: disabled)
– Added parameter “ica.wfclient.applysucconntimeouttodesktops” to let the
session sharing timout option “SucConnTimeout” be applied to desktops
as well (default: disabled)
– Added registry parameter “ica.pnlogin.use_ctx_auth_mgmt”, that
enforces usage of the built-in authentication management of the
Citrix Receiver 13 instead of the IGEL mechanism. This disables credential
related features like passthrough, auto-logon etc.

[ICA/Citrix Receiver 12 and 13]
– Added registry parameter “ica.pnlogin.debug” to enable debug output of
pnlogin on stderr console.
– Added parameter windowmanager.wm0.variables.igelicaallowminimize in the
registry to circumvent problems java-based windows over ICA with a popup
window. If set to false, ICA windows with a popup can not be minimized
– Improved the synchronization of starting Citrix sessions to avoid opening
multiple ICA channels, if possible. For fine-tuning, it is possible to
configure the maximum waiting time until a session starts, regardless of
the status of a previous started session. The parameter is available in
the registry: “ica.pnlogin.app_start_max_delay” (default: 30)
– The new synchronization mechanism mentioned above applies also for
autostarted published applications, configurable on
setup page Citrix > Citrix StoreFront / Web Interface > Logon.

[RDP/IGEL RDP Client 2]
– Added RD Gateway support for RDP sessions and RD Web Access:
configurable at “IGEL Setup->Sessions->RDP->RDP Global->Gateway”,
“IGEL Setup->Sessions->RDP->RDP Sessions->[session name]->Gateway” and
“IGEL Setup->Sessions->RDP->Remote Desktop Web Access->Server location”
– Improved RDP Remote Apps: Tray icons and tooltips can be used.
– Added workarea mode support at “IGEL Setup->Sessions->
RDP->RDP Global->Window->Window Size” as a global setting.
You can also configure workarea mode session-specific at “IGEL Setup->Sessions->
RDP->RDP Sessions->[session name]->Window->Window Size”.
Please note that either workarea mode or the toolbar can be used.
Workarea mode superseeds toolbar configuration.
– Added a startup splash screen that is shown while connecting to a RDP server.

– Added Oracle JRE Version 1.7.0 update 60

[base system]
– If you have a device with SPI-Flash, you’ll now see the type in the
Application Launcher at ‘About -> Hardware’
– If you have a device with a SPI-Flash, the type of the Flash
is now visible within UMS
– Updated IGEL Setup to version 4.8.18:
Added a quick link bar on many setup pages to find and get to related
configuration pages directly. Increased the default size of the setup window
to retain the readability of the affected setup pages (only when the setup
is started for the first time).
– Added possibility to add custom timezone files to /wfs/zoneinfo/ directory.
Resolved issues:

[ICA/Citrix Receiver 13]
– It is now possible to use an IP address to access a Citrix server

[ICA/Citrix Receiver 12 and 13]
– ICA sessions are not closed anymore, when a USB headset is plugged in or out
– Fixed StoreFront instability
– Added a registry key to disable the DSP acceleration ica.disable_dsp_accel,
default: disabled
– Fixed ICA session handling with applications from more than three server.
– Fixed missing desktop/menu icons with Citrix StoreFront/Web Interface
– Fixed matching of application names in ICA autostart list
– Fixed Citrix StoreFront/Web Interface refresh command
– Fixed problems with vanishing systray icons.
– Fixed window focus after closing a dialog. The focus will be set correctly.
– Added a workaround to deal with windows of a very low height, that show up.
in the taskbar although they shouldn’t (e.g. some tooltip windows in seamless
Citrix sessions). To use this, adjust the parameter
“windowmanager.wm0.variables.tooltipsize” in the registry. A useful value for
single-lined tooltip windows would be 20.

[RDP/IGEL RDP Client 2]
– Fix for published applications which alias name is like “NAME (1)”.
– Improved RDP Network authentication support (NLA) if Local Logon is used.
Previously Network authentication support (NLA) wasn’t reliable.
– Fixed synchronization of lock keys (like num lock, caps lock and so on).
– Added support for various multimedia keys within RDP sessions, e.g on
keyboard Logitech MK270.
– Improved handling of server redirection. There was a bug which randomly
crashed the client application once it got redirected by the server.
– Improved RD Web Access logout mechanism. The started applications will be closed
if we perform a logout.
– Fixed bug in RD Web Access to utilize global settings.

[base system]
– updated libssl0.9.8; this fixes:
– CVE-2013-0166
– CVE-2013-0169
– updated libssl1.0.0; this fixes:
– CVE-2014-3571
– CVE-2015-0206
– CVE-2014-3569
– CVE-2014-3572
– CVE-2015-0204
– CVE-2015-0205
– CVE-2014-8275
– CVE-2014-3570
– Fixed glibc 2.13 security issues: CVE-2015-0235 (GHOST), CVE-2009-5029,
CVE-2011-1658, CVE-2011-4609, CVE-2012-3405, CVE-2012-3480, CVE-2013-4788,
CVE-2013-4458, CVE-2013-4332, CVE-2013-4237, CVE-2013-1914, CVE-2013-0242,
CVE-2012-4424, CVE-2013-4458, CVE-2014-0475, CVE-2014-5119, CVE-2014-0475,
CVE-2013-4357, CVS-2014-7817, CVE-2014-6040 and CVE-2012-6656
– Fixed the “Hide Cursor” feature
– The system sets the focus correctly on desktop after system start, if
registry key userinterface.desktop.focusable is enabled, default: disabled