Migrated with UDC: HP Compaq NC8430


today i migrated an old HP Compaq NC8430 Laptop based on a INTEL Centrino CPU. The results are not bad, i used Universal Desktop OS Version 4.11.100 for the test.

HP Compaq 8430

GFX Card (ATI M56P): VESA Mode only but possible resolutions are supported/working, no dual screen as extended display available.
Ethernet Network (1000/100/10): Working
WiFi Adapter (Broadcom): Working
Audio (In- / Output): Working
SD-Card Slot: Working
Smart Card Reader: Not working
RS232 Port: Working
USB Port’s (2.0): Working
Touchpad: Working (first i got working with Version 4.11.100)
DVD Drive: Working

Result’s are without any warranty, verify by your own please!