Tip: Configure USB HID device redirection with IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS and VMWare View (PCOIP)


sometimes a user want to redirect a Human Interface (keyboard, dictation device or similar) via PCOIP USB redirection, if you configure this only in the VMWare View USB redirection configuration it will not work!

On top of the USB redirection you need also to enable two settings in registry, open the IGEL Setup or the UMS Profile and browse to vmware.view.usb and enable here allowhid and allowlasthid.

After this is done apply the configuration and fully restart the VMWare View session, now it should work but note: The USB HID devices can’t be used locally at the Client or in other sessions as long the VMware View session using/redirecting the HID device is running. Try to use only the needed Product and Vendor ID to enable/configure the USB redirection and not the class rule, so only “required” HID devices are redirected.

No written guarantee, you need to test it before rolling out the configuration! It might happen that the device is not supported for redirection by the software running in the session incl. the VMWare View software in general.