Succesfull migrated Hardware with the IGEL UDC: Dell Latitude E6510

Hello Folks,

today i migrated a Dell Latitude E6510 Laptop with the IGEL Universal Desktop OS 4.11.100 (IGEL UDC) and the test run’s nearly perfect.

Dell Latitude E6510

WiFi (Broadcom): Working
Ethernet (1000/100/10): Working
GFX (Intel Arrandale): Native graphic driver support->Working incl. Dual Screen (Extended and Cloned), requires Advanced License from IGEL
Audio: Working In- and Output
USB: All 4 USB Port’s are working
Inbuild Webcam: Working
Docking Station: Working incl. add-on RS232, USB and Ethernet Port
Internal Smart Card Reader: Working
Internal SD-Card Reader: Working
Touchpad: Like mostly with the Firmware Version 4.11.100=Not working

I’ve tested a Microsoft RemoteFX and also a Citrix Session (XenApp 6.5) and regarding the old Intel I7 M640 CPU and the native graphic driver support the performance is outstanding.


Image Source: Bitdynasty

P.S.: Without any guarantee, you need to test it too.