Supported WiFi devices IGEL Universal Desktop LX / OS (UDC) Version 4.08.500

Hello Folks,

very often people ask what WiFi devices are supported; iam sorry to say: there is no list currently.

But we can provide you a list of supported chipset’s, please note: this is no guarentee at all, very often vendors add custom features/design’s to the chipsset and this means: it can work.

• Ralink RT73

• Ralink RT3090

• Atheros AR5212A

• VIA VT6656

• Ralink RT2870

•ATH9k (List of supported chipsets:

• iwlwifi

• iwl2945

I recommend the ATH9k which works great together with the Universal Desktop OS and my Asus EeePC 1011 PX (Dual core Atom incl. Dual Screen support, ), i got some small issues here during the installation with the network card but finally it works great (still without network card, but hey.. It’s a netbook and i don’t care as long the WiFi works; the rest of the hardware incl. webcam works fine).