Tip: Building a multi Monitor solution (three or more displays) with Microsoft Windows Embedded based Thin Clients

Hi Folks,

IGEL offers a multimonitor solution 2 (supported by default)+x displays for the IGEL LX (Linux)  but sometimes user ask for a Windows ES based solution to get three or four monitors running with Windows ES. IGEL do not provide a solution for this but it can be done… The disadvantage: It can not be configured thru the local setup or the UMS and you need to install some drivers; also you should use at min. a IGEL UD5 to get enough performance for this.

The solution is quite simple and can be really cheap…

 USB 2 DVI Full HD

Just get some devices like the Mad Catz SEE2 XD300 (VGA; 1600×1200 max.+add on ethernet+3 usb 2.0 ports+Audio in/out) or Mad Catz SEE2 Xtreme UV250 (DVI, Full HD), these devices provide a add on VGA or DVI Port thru USB and can be already been bought for less then 20€ (i’ve paid 14.90€ for a XD300 @ www.pearl.de and the UV250 was offered for 19,90€). Install the driver and enable that the display settings are not managed thru the IGEL Setup in the IGEL configuration (local Setup or UMS profile). Here you go… There are a lot of similar devices out there so get a look also for other offers.

Of course you need to test this in advance and i don’t provide any guarantee! 😉 This will also work only with Microsoft Windows based devices, there is no support in the IGEL LX or OS Linux.



P.S.: One other benefit: these devices will not heat up the thin client like an add-on inbuild GFX card….

P.S.2: I’ve tested this only with three Displays (and ICA/RDP sessions), by theory also more should work… But there will be a limit by resources and also it could be possible that the drivers will not work right if too much devices are connected. So if you got a 10 screen solution running send me a report please (…i don’t believe that more then four displays=2 add on SEE2 devices will work). 🙂