Release: UMS Virtual Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V Version 3.1

Hi Folks,

here is a new UMS Appliance, the update to Ubuntu 14.04 caused some issues and they are fixed now with this version incl. a few other improvements.






– Fixed xrdp, RDP connections to the UMS Appliance are working again (using Scarygliders xrdp port now)
– Improved RDP sessions to the UMS Appliance, copy and paste in RDP sessions is now supported (limited)
– Added upstart .conf file for xrdp
– Reworked look and feel
– Replaced the Telnet Server with a SSH Server to improve security
– Added /etc/init/ssh.conf to start the SSH Server incl. re-writting the /etc/init.d/sshd script to work with Ubuntu 14.04
– Fixed XDMCP/X11 connection config
– Added MtPaint to edit screenshots or similar

Download: Here