Note: IGEL UD2 Multimedia and Citrix Access Gateway/Netscaler

Hello Folks,

if you got an SSL Error 4 if you try to setup an ICA Connection thru an Citrix Access Gateway / Netscaler with the IGEL UD2 Multimedia (ARM based, Firmware 1.03.100). Don’t try to solve it! Currently it looks that the Citrix Receiver for ARM based systems can not connect to a Citrix environment (XenDesktop, XenApp or VDIinaBox) thru CAG/Netscaler. In this case you have to use a x86 based system like the UD3 or UD5, with these devices i don’t got any issue during my test’s with Firmware 4.10.100.

I will post an update here if a solution is available.


P.S.: This issue should also pop up with any other ARM based device using the Citrix Receiver for Linux and it don’t seems to be a general IGEL UD2 Multimedia issue. Iam only sorry that this is not mentioned in the release notes in any way….