Release: Pidgin Multichat Tool for the IGEL Linux (LX/OS) x86 custom partition package

Hello Folks,

after some time I would like to introduce a new custom partition sample package for the IGEL Linux, this time it’s the Pidgin Multichat Tool.

pidgin Pidgin custom partition sample

Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: 18.09.2014

Copyright 2014


For use with IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.07.110 or higher only!

Tested with IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS Firmware 5.04.100

General Informations – Tems of use

The use in public presentations, for comparing the IGEL products with other solutions or a public release in any other form is not permitted without the written permission by the author.

Universal Desktop and Universal Management Suite is a registered Trademark of IGEL Technology.

IGEL Technology and will not support this partial update in any kind. is not responsible for any damage or loss, caused by using this partial update sample. You are using this partial update on your own risk!

This custom partition sample is for technical demonstrations and tests only.

This partial Update contains one package:

Pidgin Multichat Client: Pidgin Version 2.10.9
The pack contains also the, import this file into the IGEL Universal Management Suite to get the required configuration. After the import change the download path’s under System->Firmware Customization->Custom Partition->Download to your download site/server.

Restart the client after the package is deployed.
Starting / Configuring a Pidgin Session
After the client reboot a desktop link to the generated script is available on the desktop, the script will be generated in the /config/sessions folder with the name pidgin0.

You can add parameters by modifing the script generation, you can find the script generator in the UMS Profile->System->Firmware Customization->Custom Commands->Desktop Commands->Custom Command Desktop Final area.

The following chat platforms are tested:

Lync 2013 – IM only, no voice or video calls!
Skype – Not supported, skype denied our written request to provide the client thru
Facebook – Follow, use Port 443 and force encryption!
AIM – Just enter your credentials
Google Talk – Follow (German)
Yahoo – Enter your username without, as server use and as pager port 80.
ICQ – Just enter your credentials to get it working.
IRC – Regular IRC Setup, nothing special.
MSN – Not tested regarding the fact that Microsoft will discontinue MSN Chat and move it to Skype.

All other services are not tested, it may work but it don’t have to be.

The download is available here: Pidgin for IGEL Linux (LX/OS) x86

The package can be opened and modified with our Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients (DATI), see also the Whitepaper on our main site.

Have Fun