Migrated with IGEL UDC V2: Dell Optiplex 7010

Hello Folks,

today we migrated a Dell Optiplex 7010 with success, we used IGEL Universal Desktop OS 5.03.190.


GFX Card incl. Dual Monitor support: Working (Note: Display Port 2 seams to be not to work with DP->DVI Adapters, DP->VGA are working; this seams to be an issue with the GFX Card in general (BIOS already fail to initiate the connected Display without any IGEL Software loaded)
Network card: Working
USB Ports: Working
Audio: Working
DVD-Drive: Not tested
WiFi: Not available

Note: Disable “Deep Sleep Control” in the Energy configuration in the Dell device BIOS!



P.S.: Of course we are not responsible for any damage related to this article, test in advance if you want to migrate similar devices.