Running Windows 8 to go on a IGEL UD5 Hardware (incl. WiFi Add-On Food)

Hello Folks,

today i’ve tested Windows 8 to go together with an IGEL UD5 incl. the optional WiFi Add-On Food and here are the results.

– IGEL UD5 with min 2GB of RAM (Windows 8 to go requirement)
– A USB Storage that can run Windows 8 to go and of course it should be installed
– In the UD5 BIOS (DEL after power on the Client) you need to enable to boot from a USB device

My Setup:
– A UD5 (VIA Nano based), 2GB RAM coming with the optional WiFi Food (BIOS Setup to provide 128MB Video RAM)
– one 750 GB USB 3.0 HDD running Windows 8 to go (x86 Version) incl. enabled Bitlocker drive encryption for the HDD.
– Installed Software: Office 2010, System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection, KL Codec pack, Evince PDF Viewer and Citrix Receiver
– Enabled Windows 8 Features: Nearly everything available with Windows 8 x86 Version


– System is booting fine, incl. hardware setup i was able to get/work with the desktop in round about 1:30min (please note: this results can vary depending on your USB Memory Speed)
– Available max. Resolution: 2560×1440
– Supported Hardware: Nearly every needed driver incl. the optional WiFi Food is coming with Windows 8 to go without the audio driver. Regarding VIA the audio driver is currently under development and will be available soon.
– No issues if using Bitlocker Drive encryption coming with Windows 8 to go.

– Of course the System can not be managed by the IGEL UMS in any kind when running Windows 8 to go
– You might be required to increase the RAM if you are not already using a Windows 7 based UD5, i tested it also with 1 GByte RAM and it works for me too but it’s a little bit slower and 2GByte of RAM is the Microsoft defined requirement to use Windows 8.
– Currently no audio driver from VIA is available (also not thru Windows update)
– I don’t recommend to use a UD2 for this, a UD3 might provide enough perfomance but i would prefer a UD5 in any way…. I will check out a UD9 later incl. touch Screen but i suggest this combination will work too.
– Not official supported by IGEL Technology

– Very simple way to switch from a full managed to a none managed Windows based desktop without touching the original IGEL OS.

Use case:
– Mobile workers using Windows 8 to go can use a thin client as “fast to setup” workplace.
– Guest workers can get a seperate full Windows workplace that is not attached to your environment in only a few minutes.
– Lab environments to check/create Windows 8 to go based desktops/medias or need to switch the OS very fast to access or test other systems in the environment.