Firmware release: IGEL Universal Desktop LX(x86)/OS 4.10.100

IGEL Universal Desktop OS
Version 4.10.100
Jul 30 2012

Dual monitor configuration for “unsupported hardware” works only if “native
driver support” works properly. It is a prerequisite to assure that the
native driver is really working, as the fallback VESA driver does not provide
any dual monitor configuration. Have a look at Application Launcher’s
About tab->Hardware-Graphics Chipset. If VESA is listed there the native
driver does not work and dual monitor configuration is not functional.

– Citrix ICA Client
– Citrix Access Gateway Standard Plug-in
– RDP rdesktop 1.6.0
– FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 3.1.2
– VMware View client 1.5.0-710491
– Quest vWorkspace Client 7.0
– Leostream Java Connect
– Ericom PowerTerm
– Ericom Webconnect
– IBM iSeriesAccess 7.1.0-1.0
– Firefox 10.0.6
– SUN JRE 1.6.0_14
– Totem Media Player 2.30.2
– Voip Client Ekiga 3.2.7
– Thinlinc Client 3.2.0
– NX Client 3.5.0-7
– Cisco VPN Client
– NCP Secure Client (Enterprise) 323_038.i686
– ThinPrint Client 7.0.38
– Xorg X11 Server 1.7.6
– Xorg Xephyr 1.7.6
– PC/SC Lite 1.8.1
– MUSCLE CCID Driver 1.4.5
– Omnikey CCID Driver 3.6.0
– Omnikey RFID Driver 2.7.2
– SCM Microsystems CCID Driver 5.0.21
– Safenet / Aladdin eToken Driver 8.0.5-0
– A.E.T SafeSign PKCS#11 Library 3.0.1785
– Gemalto .NET PKCS#11 Library 2.1.0
– SecMaker NetID PKCS#11 Library
– Client 0.8 for RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Desktops 3

If disk size is sufficient (> 512 MB):
– SAP GUI java710rev6
– 2X Client 10.1-1263
Known issues:
– [VMware View]
– If a protocol is preselected through configuration and another protocol is
chosen at the VMware View client’s local dialog, the connection cannot be
– VMware View smart card logon now is disabled by default! It can be enabled
in IGEL setup on page Sesions->View Client->View Client Global->Smartcard
for each type of supported smart card separately.
– no error messages are shown
– in VMware View appliance mode
– if registry key “vmware.view.once” or
“sessions.vdm_client<NR>.options.once” is enabled.

– [Leostream]
– With enabled USB redirection: Currently the user has to choose which
USB devices should be redirected when starting the session. Unfortunately,
the USB keyboard is visible in the selection dialog window. If the user
chooses the keyboard and starts the session, the keyboard does not work
inside the session. Sometimes it even does not work in the local system
anymore after the session has ended. In this case the device has to be

– [base system]
– If your disk size is 512MB or smaller:
The “SAPGUI for Java” and the “2X Client” services are not available anymore.
New features:
– [ICA]
– Updated Citrix Receiver to version This version has improved
performance for Flash and Multimedia Redirection and fixes some bugs.
– To disable X11 Render extension for color cursors the new registry key
“ica.wfclient.disablexrender” has to be used now. (The former
registry key “ica.disable_render_extension” is not available anymore.).
– Citrix XenApp/Program Neighborhood:
Grouped applications on the desktop can be enabled by IGEL Setup ->
Sessions -> ICA -> Citrix XenApp -> Appearance ->
“Keep folder structure on desktop”
(registry key: ica.pnlogin.desktop_folder_structure)
Additional configuration:
registry key ica.pnlogin.desktop_folder_farm : show farm icons on desktop
registry key ica.pnlogin.appfolder_apps_name : the main directory name
for all Citrix XenApp sessions in file browser.
– Added support for Citrix HDX Realtime WebCam Redirection parameters, which
can be found in setup and UMS on the page
“Sessions -> ICA -> ICA Global -> Multimedia”.

– [VMware View]
– Updated VMware View Client to version 1.5.0-710491.
– Added parameters to control the top menubar at a running
session and whether the user should get logged off after the termination
of a running session.
– Appliance mode:
– (default is off)
– vmwarevdmapp.once (default is on)
– Session:
– sessions.vdm_client[session number] (default is on)
– sessions.vdm_client[session number].options.once (default is off)
– new registry key “sessions.vdm_client<NR>.run_only_once” (default is true),
if enabled, only one instance of each session can be started
– new registry keys “sessions.vdm_client%d.options.lockserverURL” and
“vmwarevdmapp.lockserverURL” (default is true), the key locks/unlocks the
URL field in the VMware Connection launcher.

– [2X]
– Added 2X Client 10.1-1263 sessions.

– [Leostream]
– Updated to version of the Leostream Connect Java Client with
support for Leostream USB redirection. It is necessary to install at least
version of the Leostream Agent on the (Windows) host machine. It is
possible to activate the USB redirection in IGEL setup on the page
“Sessions > Leostream > SESSIONNAME > Options”
Known Issues:  The Leostream Client can only use the clients
that are integrated into the IGEL system: RDP, ICA, Redhat Spice, NX.

– [Firefox]
– Updated Firefox to version 10.0.6 ESR with Long Term Support.

– [RDP]
– Added support for routing tokens used for load balancing.

– [VPN]
– Updated NCP Enterprise VPN Client to version 3.23 Build 38.

– [Printing]
– Added Active Directory/Kerberos logon support to use the
Kerberos logon name as user name in print jobs. This can be activated in
IGEL Setup Registry, parameter print.cups.use_krbuser. With registry key
print.cups.krbuser_format the format of the user name can be chosen:

– [Smartcard]
– Added support for SCM Microsystems eHealth200 card terminal in RDP and
ICA sessions via Smart Card Redirection.
– Added support for SCM Microsystems eHealth500 card terminal in RDP and
ICA sessions via Com Port Redirection (use USB COM1).

– [Network]
– now IEEE802.1x Authentication has a timeout after wich the normal network
registration will continue. New registry keys:
network.interfaces.ethernet.device%.ieee8021x.auth_timeout: Timeout for the
Authentication (default 30s)
Only connect to secured Networks (default false).

– [Desktop]
– Reworked font configuration: added new “Liberation” true type font.
– Added VIA x driver support for Chrontel 7301/7310 dvi transmitter:
This solves native x driver support for VXL M7CN896IDK board.

– [base system]
– Added “Power Management”->”System standby” option to enable/disable
automatic suspension of the device.
– Added Greek keyboard layout.
– Added Russian keyboard layout.
– Updated French and Dutch translations.
– Updated IGEL Setup to version 4.2.3.
Fixed bugs:
– [ICA]
– Added a possibility to filter unwanted X error message dialogs during
ICA sessions by force with registry key “ica.forceignorexerrors”.
It affects all ICA sessions and is disabled by default.
– It is now possible to enable rudimentary logging for Citrix sessions
(only if the session is not started via WebInterface/Browser, XenApp or
The parameters are available in the registry (ica.module.logging).

– [XenDesktop]
– New ICA client version fixes white screens in XenDesktop
appliance mode.
– Added a workaround to adjust the size of fullscreen ICA sessions when
reconnecting from a machine with a different display resolution.
– Disabled hotkeys in XenDesktop login window.

– [RDP]
– Fixed audio problems by decreasing latency of the audio channel.
– All modifiers will now be released before a disconnect will be done in
a RDP session.
– Fixed “Break” and “Pause” keycodes: now the same keycode sequence
is send to the server as a windows 7 client does..
– Caps lock and Num lock status will now be synchronized within a RDP session.
– Com Port Mapping: fix some problems to increase performance and stability,
especially when using multiple com ports.
– Fixed bug in smart card redirection which e.g. caused hanging sessions
while trying to use Gemalto Classic cards for login to a banking web site.
– Fixed bug in smart card redirection which caused e.g. failing to disconnect
when smart card has been removed.
– Fixed “ctrl+alt+F7/F8/F10/F11/F12” hotkeys. These hotkeys are only working
if Console switching is disabled in IGEL Setup -> User Interface -> Access Control.

– [Firefox]
– In Firefox sessions the tab-bar cannot be hidden any more.
– Fixed bug when closing multiple Firefox Session marked as restarting.

– [VMware View]
– VMware View windows in Appliance Mode will now have a decoration and can
be moved.
– Fixed restart of View session after log off in View Appliance Mode.
View smart card logon now is disabled by default! It can be enabled in setup
on page Sesions->View Client->View Client Global->Smartcard for each type of
supported smart card separately

– [Misc]
– RDP sessions, RDP based VMWare View sessions and View appliance mode/RDP sessions
now display a message when TCP connection is lost and terminate themselves
after a timeout interval.
registry key for RDP session: sessions.winconnect%.option.connection-timeout
registry key for RDP based View session: sessions.vdm_client%.options.rrdp.connection-timeout
registry key for RDP based Appliance mode: vmwarevdmapp.rrdp.connection-timout

– [Media Player] Fixed video playback in dual screen mode.

– [RedHat RHEV-D]
– Improved usage in dual display mode.
– Spice session window in appliance mode kept in front when Shift+F11 is pressed.
– Disabled hotkeys in Spice login window.

– [Printing]
– Removed fix for BIXOLON SRP-352plus USB label printer made in 4.08.500. This
fix caused some printers to print slowly.
– new fix for BIXOLON SRP-352plus USB label printer: set registry key
print.cups.printer<number>.usb_slowdown in registry. This will limit the speed
with which the data are sent to the printer. It can be controlled in more detail
by the registry keys print.cups.usb_slowdown_chunksize and print.cups.usb_slowdown_delay.

– [Smartcard]
– Fixed reading of German health care cards with Cherry ST-2xxx reader via ICA and RDP.
– IGEL Smartcard: enhance stability of detecting smart card removal; this e.g. fixes
logoff when removing smart card while VMWare View sessions are used.

– [Desktop]
– Fixed dual screen configuration issues with Fujitsu Futro S550-2,
if an additional DVI connector card is installed.
– Synchronize indicator LEDs for caps-, scroll- and numlock according their
current state in the X server. This also affects newly plugged in keyboards.

– [Network]
– The SSH daemon is not started anymore if SSH Remote Access is disabled in
IGEL Setup -> System -> SSH Access.
– SCEP Client (NDES): fix enrollment of client certificates
when CA certificate is not a root certificate.

– [base system]
– Fixed bug in USB Access Control configuration.
– ICA Setup: on page Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Mapping->COM Ports now COM port
device mapping entries are displayed locked if they are assigned by a UMS profile.
– Shared Workplace: prevent to log on with any account when Thin Client
is not managed by UMS.
– Login to Active Directory/Kerberos: display correct warning messages when
password will expire soon. These password info messages now have a configurable
timeout (sessions.xlock0.options.passwd_message_timeout).
Default timeout is 10 seconds, a value of 0 means no timeout.
– The Hardware Information tool is shown more DMI informations now like Computer
serial number and uuid. It can be opened in IGEL Setup -> Devices -> Hardware Info.