USB redirection with Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Did you ever ask the question what extended USB redirection in the IGEL product description means? No… It’s not USB redirection coming with VMWare View, XenDesktop or RemoteFX; this is included in the clients by default. It’s a solution called “USB for Remote Desktop” from Fabulatech. This solution was primary designed to offer USB redirection for Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services.

Since the latest version it also support XenApp and it’s maybe a good add-on if you require “real” USB redirection for your users or devices with the benefit that you can configure all the devices from remote with the IGEL Universal Management Suite. To get more information’s have a look here:

Important: In the IGEL firmware release notes you can see what version of Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop is installed, on the Terminal Server’s the same or compatible Version is required; don’t try to mix it! You also need the Advanced Feature Set for the IGEL Thin Client to be able to use it.


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  1. Victor says:

    Dear Michael,

    I try to using USB redirect function with class rule enabled to redirect a micfosoft lifecam HD 5000 webcam from IGEL UD3-730-WIN7 to win 7 with sp1 through RDP session. I found the usb redirect is success and driver for that webcam is installed sucessfully from backend win 7. after I install the webcam software and open the lifecam software but there is no screen (black screen) show up for the webcam. after that I try to use skype / MSN to trigger the webcam it still show not video, and the light from the webcam is flash when I try to take a picture from SKYPE / MSN, but it still no video shows. Do you have some idea on this?

    I running 2008 Server Sp1 + Hyper-V + Win7 ultimate sp1 as backend.
    IGEL UD3-730-Win7 with latest 3.02.500 as front end.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Victor says:

    More information against to the question.

    The function I tried is Remote FX.


  3. Hello,

    Windows 2008R2 doesn’t support RemoteFX USB redirection, only Windows 7 will do this but it’s an upcoming feature for Windows Server 2012.

    If you want to use USB redirection with Windows 2008R2SP1 you need to install the fabulatech software and configure the USB redirection in the Fabulatech USB redirection in the RDP Global configuration area. If the Webcam still doesn’t work, please contact the Fabulatech Support. Sometimes this can happen with USB devices but then Fabulatech need to get a look on this incl. the device.

    For a Webcam test i recommend the Silverlight installer, you can find this file in the Silverlight Installation folder (look for Silverlight.Configuration.exe). Skype can produce issues on a Terminal Server with redirected camera’s and it’s not a good test software.


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