Whitepaper: IGEL Linux and Citrix Storefront Whitepaper has been updated

Hello Folks,

i updated the Whitepaper how to configure an IGEL Linux based device to work with a Citrix Storefront Server.

It will now also mention the 4.14.100 firmware as supported firmware and regarding some comments from users i’ve added the information that only Base64/PEM certificates will work for none Windows based end devices like the IGEL OS.

The download is available here.



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  1. hw_doc says:

    Hi Michael,

    thanks for the great Whitepaper!

    Maybe you can give a hint regarding our use case:
    We only provide our users a Windows Desktop through Storefront.
    The challenge is to log off our users from the Citrix environment at the latest after they have logged off the Windows session so on a shared desk no other user user can relaunch the session (without credentials).
    ATM we do this by using the browser method running in an inactivity timeout in the background.

    Is there any of the other methods to access the Storefront server able to achieve this, too?


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