Tip: Display Hostname on demand for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS without the IGEL Application Launcher

Hello Folks,

if you want to Display the Client Hostname on demand just open the IGEL Setup and go to System->Firmware Customization->Custom Application and create a new custom application.

Now setup the application Name like “Show Hostname”, in the settings tab set as Icon igel and as start command notify-send-message Name $HOSTNAME

Name=Title of the window
$HOSTNAME=Display the hostname system variable

Close the setup, if now a user select the icon in the right button corner a small window with the Hostname will be displayed. That’s it…


P.S.: Of course you can use this also with other or own created variables and add a Keyboard shortcut to this, quite helpfull for device support. You can use this also with autostart and the window will be also displayed in front of other Windows (like a Citrix Session).