Tip: Detect a Nutanix Block thru Windows

Hello Folks,

i just setup a new Nutanix Block (NX-3050) in our Democenter..



If you don’t have a Mac OSX (thru Bonjour) available and you want to detect the block in the Network you can do this thru Windows quite simple.

Download and install the Bonjour Print Services from the Apple Site (Download), this will not detect the Nutanix Block at all but you can add the Bonjour Browser which is a simple to use freeware tool from here (Download). Install the Bonjour Browser too and execute it, the Browser will now detect all devices in the network using the Bonjour Administration Service and you can now detect the Nutanix Block incl. all IP’s and SNr for further configuration in a very simple way.


 Now you can configure the block by following the manuals, quite easy.. 😉





4 Responses to “Tip: Detect a Nutanix Block thru Windows”

  1. hwdoc says:

    Where’s the sexy front bezel? 😉

  2. In the Box… 🙂 I don’t like front bezel’s in a non public server room. 😀

  3. This is the first we’re using for test’s and also as trial/demo device for customers. It works quite well but iam currently migrating the Box to Hyper-V Server, it just run’s the imaging process. We got it with KVM Hypervisor but this is not our prefered Hypervisor. 🙂

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