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Tip: Running a scheduled Job on an IGEL Universal Desktop LX / OS based client without a management server

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

the most users doesn’t know this hidden feature… But if you want to perfom a scheduled task for an device like a system shutdown you need to setup several jobs in the Universal Management Suite server if dealing with different time zones also if no Management server is available (infrastructure to small or UMS not reachable) you maybe want to be able to run scheduled jobs too.

So how can you accomplish a task like this, first of all you need to get in touch with some IGEL LX/OS commands; i recommend to check out this small whitepaper:

Now create a new profile and call it “System shutdown at 7pm without UMS” or something similar, if you want to configure this local at the client you just have to open the IGEL Setup. This was tested with firmware Version 4.10.100 but i can’t guarentee that IGEL will keep this feature for the future.

Browse to System->Registry->System->Cron

To enable cron in general set enable_cron to enabled, now select cron% and click on add instance.
Expand the new instance cron0 and enter the command you want to execute, for a shutdown two ways are available:

1) With User interaction: user_shutdown
2) Without User interaction: user_shutdown -f

Enter one of these commands for your test.

Now set the excution time, use this as sample:

day of week (0 6) (0 is Sunday)
month (1 12)
day of month (1 31)
hour (0 23)
min (0 59)

You can use an asterisk (*) in any category to mean for every item, such as every day or every month.You can use commas (,) in any category to specify multiple values.So set the time you want to execute the job and run a test… It’s a very useful tool but you should handle it very serious!


P.S.: Never use the update command in this way, it performs always a basic update and reduce the life time for the client memory.

Tip: Configure a Keyboard shortcut to minimize fullscreen Citrix or Microsoft RDS sessions for a Linux based IGEL OS

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


very often i’ve been asked how a Citrix or Microsoft RDS fullscreen session can be minimized in an IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS firmware. By default IGEL has not enabled this but this task is simple to do….

Open the IGEL Setup or the UMS Profile, now go to User Interface->Hotkeys->Commands and select Minimize all Windows… Click on Edit now and activate the hotkey, i prefer CTRL¦ALT and ESC (Write Escape in the Hotkey field to set ESC) but you can also set other combinations of course. Please make sure that your set combination do not conflict with any other Linux or Windows key combination!

Close the Setup or the profile (assign the profile to an Client if not already done) and here you go.



P.S.: One Extension, of course any local Client key mapping do not work if the keyboard is mapped into the session thru “real” USB redirection!

P.S.2: For ICA Sessions it could be required to Setup a second key combination to Stop the direct Keyboard Passthrough, this configuration can be found in the IGEL Setup->System->Registry->ica->wfclient and then configure the following Settings: keypassthroughescapechar and keypassthroughescapeshift. This can be also configured with a profile in the IGEL UMS. If you’re connecting thru the Firefox Browser (Citrix Webinterface) you have to Setup the configuration in the Default.ica file from the Webinterface!